Inherit the Wind

by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

February 12, 13, 19, 20

Inherit 3

A teacher goes on trial for talking about evolution in school.  It happened in 1925 in Tennessee in what was called the Scopes Monkey Trial.  Thirty years later, this play based on the trial debuted.  It was written as a statement in support of intellectual freedom and against McCarthyism.  With humor and soaring speeches, some drawn from the trial itself, the play captures a time in American history that we seem destined to repeat.  Tickets are available online at Brown Paper Tickets. 

cast charmingCast

Eliza Baxter – Tom Davenport
Margetta Beaty – Rachel Brown
Chaz Bergeret – Howard, Timmy
Cassandra Boell – Mrs. Brady
Laura Canfield – E. K. Hornbeck
Ben Cordes – Bertram Cates
Myra Hope Eskridge – Henry Drummond
Amy Friedman – Photographer, Bannister, Vendor, Reporter
Jennifer Kobayashi – Mayor, Elijah, Reuters’s Man
Shana Macks – Mathew Harrison Brady
Ted Overholt – Storekeeper, Mr. Goodfellow, Corkin, Sillers
Greg Pettigrew – Rev. Jeremiah Brown
Opal Staudenmaier – Meeker
Meg Swanton – Melinda, Mrs. Krebs, Dunlap, Cooper, Mrs. McClain
Jane Winans – Mrs. Blair, Judge, Platt


Director – Kathryn Gandek-Tighe
Director – Clark Wright
Costume Designer – Andi Dunphy
Lighting Director – Carl Spaulding
Stage Manager – Lisa Goldthwaite Wright
Box Office Manager – Nicole Spaulding
House Manager – Sandra Crowe Levey