Lysistrata – the sex strike

by Germaine Greer and Phil Willmott

September 13 and 14, 2013

Lysistrata for web - largerFight with the weapons you have!

Women of two warring countries promise to withhold sex until peace is declared.  Now the women have to keep their vow…

This updated translation of Aristophanes’ play was created by Germaine Greer, the noted feminist author, shortly before the end of the Vietnam War.  In 1999, Phil Willmott adapted it for stage with additional dialogue for The Steam Industry.  The play combines modern political realities and painful economic inequities with the breathtakingly bawdy sexual humor of the original play.  Our audiences appreciated the combination of phalluses with business attire.

The Cast

Lisa Lind Barolak – Lampito
Anne Cross – Myrrhine
Tom Courtney – Ambassador
Molly Eskridge – Stratyliss
Myra Hope Eskridge – Katina
Rozi Galea – Kalonike
Sarah Guillon – Praxagora
Tim Hartman – Kineseas
Cheryl “Cher” Kent – Iris
Andrew Kobayashi – Nikias
Kathy Lindsay – Rhodippe
M.T. Murphy – Herald/Doorman/Secret Police
Michelle O’Malley – Lysistrata
Jeremy Oneail – Peisander
Gregory Stuart Pettigrew – Phylurgis
Zsuzsy Sanford – Nikodiki
Shoshannah Sullivan – Kalike
Graham V. – Demostratus

“Lysistrata – The Sex Strike” was presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.