by Molière, translated by Richard Wilbur

April 12 and 13, 2013

205402-250How could a pious man be guilty of lust, greed and blackmail?

After saintly Tartuffe moves into the house of one of his religious followers, the family and servants must expose Tartuffe’s hypocrisy before he ruins their lives. Banned in 17th century France, the story could be taken from today’s headlines.

Richard Wilbur, the American poet and Pulitzer Prize winner, translated Moliere’s biting satire while keeping the elegance of his verse.  Our audience seemed to enjoy our first experiments with the action landing literally on and under their tables.

Cast of Tartuffe

Cassandra Boell – Madame Pernelle
Pamela Dritt – Tartuffe
Tim Hartman – Cleante
Shana Heller – Dorine
Cheryl “Cher” Kent – Marianne
M.T. Murphy – Valere
Michelle O’Malley – Elmire
Greg Stuart Pettigrew – Orgon
Lisa Lind Barolak – Monsieur Loyal, A Kings Officer
Shoshannah Sullivan – Damis