The Rivals


by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

October 9, 10, 16

House and bar opened at 7pm.  Play began at 8pm.

56 Pond Lane, Arlington, MA

Lurid novels, clueless suitors, young women making bad marital choices – it’s high society in 1775 or 2015. Two hundred and forty years later, The Rivals is as funny as when George Washington loved it.  (He really did.) Come laugh at the jokes that made George almost spit his dentures.



Captain Jack Absolute – MT Murphy
Lydia Languish – Margretta Beaty
Mrs. Malaprop – Catherine Crow
Sir Anthony Absolute – Lisa Barolak
Faulkland – Gregory Pettigrew
Julia Melville – Shana Macks
Bob Acres – Laura Canfield
Sir Lucius O’Trigger – Cher Kent
Fag – Pamela Dritt
David – Ted Overholt
Lucy – Amanda Bergeron
Thomas – Ted Overholt


Director – Kathryn Gandek-Tighe
Director – Clark Wright
Costume Designer – Andi Dunphy
Lighting Director – Carl Spaulding
Stage Manager – Lisa Goldthwaite Wright
Box Office Manager – Nicole Spaulding
House Manager – Sandra Crowe Levey
Assistant Stage Manager – Emily Stuckey

We will reserve a table for groups that purchase eight or more tickets for The Rivals.  You can bring your dinner and make a night of it, but please buy your drinks at the bar.